What does it provide?

  • Understand the characteristics of any category-segment or group of categories
  • Compare retailers and channels
  • Benchmark categories across the store
  • Identify performance strengths and weaknesses
  • Track change over time

How is it used?

  • Puts ‘hard’ shopper measures into category planning
  • Informs category vision, strategy and tactical plans
  • Facilitates supplier — retailer joint working: top to top and day to day
  • Provides a shopper “Key Performance Indicator” for category outcomes over time
  • Create a category Scorecard


  • Shared platform so highly cost effective
  • Robust and objective
  • Range of standardised reporting — becomes familiar and simple to navigate
  • On line reporting dashboard – easy to access and use
  • Ability to see broad context for a category: where does it rank?
  • Open visibility of differences by retailer
  • One source used by both retailers and their suppliers
  • Consistency year to year and category to category
Retailer Applications
Joint Applications
Supplier Applications

Corporate Plan

Understand the competitive dynamic across the store and how different categories impact the customer experience.

Category Plans

See the characteristics of this category, its comparator categories, and its specific competitive strengths and weaknesses.

Marketing Plans

Understand how marketing plans can be delivered across the store for best impact.

Corporate Plan

Build and track the shared category “joint business plan”.

Account Plans

What specifically do we need to focus on for any one customer?

Category Plans

Data to inform vision and strategy, as well as tactical plans.

Top to Top

See your business in the context of the total store for each customer.

Brand Plans

Understand the customer and category context for your brand, and the dynamics of the “path to purchase”.