Content Overview

Key Performance Indicators

A set of standard measures of category success factors, e.g. Price, Quality, Choice, Promotions, Innovation, Out of Stocks, East to Shop, plus an overall measure of satisfaction. How does each category perform, and what’s most important to its shoppers?

Category Mindset Model

The key “DNA” components of each category summarised in a tool to inform strategy and understand its fit within the store.

Category DNA

What makes a category distinctive: including its role in the store (e.g. Traffic or Spend), the way its shopped (e.g. Grab and go or Browse), what mission it’s bought on, etc.

Path To Purchase

How are decisions made in this category, so how should we optimise shopper marketing? Is it highly planned or impulse? What is the decision hierarchy? What would shoppers want to see improved about the Point of Purchase?

Consumer Dynamics

Who was it bought for? When was it intended to be used? How does the shopper view differ by key brand bought?

Shopper Profile

A broad range of socio-demographics to enable different shopper groups to be analysed.

Retail Dynamics

Key understanding of the shopping trip overall: why they chose that store, what kind of attitude did they bring to their visit, how loyal are they to that store, what are their views of own label?