I have been watching the development of the Shopper Tracker system overseas for a couple of years and It has always seemed to me to be a good way to provide the often missing piece of the category management data set – the voice of the shopper. In every category project we need to understand clearly what the shopper needs and wants. It’s logical to do this in a more holistic and systematic way so that we can benchmark each category across the store. Roger and his team have built a great toolkit and I recommend anyone interested in better meeting shopper needs takes a good look at the program.

Dr Brian Harris, Founder, The Partnering Group


During strategic planning discussions with our customers we identified key opportunities to grow the Fruity wine category.

Shopper Tracker gave Brown Brothers key insights showing the high expandability of Moscato consumption, (highest ranked wine varietal) which was ranking close to Cider. Shopper demand for new flavours, types and formats in Moscato were compelling.

Our key out-take, as market leader and producer of Australia’s favourite Moscato we needed to change the game, lead innovation & elate consumers in the Moscato arena.

Rachel Estlin, Marketing Manager, Brown Brothers Wine


Shopper Tracker is well embedded across the business at Coles. It is a key component in our suite of insights driving Customer and Category planning and is hard-wired into category level templates that Category Managers use to make decisions everyday (e.g. range reviews)

David Brown, Category Insights Manager – Grocery Food, Coles Supermarkets


Shopper Tracker is a critical input into Arnott’s business strategies. We consistently find it adds value to conversations with retailers about their customers and so helps us partner more effectively. As an example, Shopper Tracker demonstrated pre-store investment in one category was more efficient than another category. After moving our budgets accordingly, we have seen a consistent uplift in category sales, led by our brand

Andrea Steen, Customer Insights Manager, Woolworths; Campbells Arnott’s


Shopper Tracker Convenience 2013 and Grocery 2013 is a true reflection of the category challenges and opportunities from a retail shopper perspective. This independent research provides every manufacturer the equal opportunity to develop their own strategies and plans to stimulate category growth and has provided us with a simple and comprehensive list of opportunities for newspapers, a category that competes for valuable front of store space and visibility. It also enables us to address our customer’s shopper opportunities that has the three way win for the customer, shopper and our business. We use the Shopper Tracker insights in all our customer meetings to reinforce our category role in their store and how our strategies will increase shopper satisfaction

Maria Psarros, Retail and Shopper Insights Manager, News International


Shopper Tracker has been instrumental, not only in building our relationship with Woolworths, but also in understanding shopper behaviour optimising in market support. As a tool it has enabled us to speak Woolworths’ language and facilitated strategic category discussions.

Michelle Forster, Head of Marketing, Birch & Waite Foods


Shopper Tracker deep dive findings have already been used as part of an initial recommendation to the business on how we need to manage our portfolio differently across adult and kids. I have used the learnings with the Sales Director and Leadership Team. The great thing is it’s delivered new learnings as well as validated thinking that already exists.

Senior Category Manager, Kellogg’s Australia


Shopper Tracker adds strong evidence to our category knowledge and completes our previous shopper research.

Its specific and innovative methodology, with an comparative analysis of 120 FMCG and fresh products categories over 5 major retailers, gives a solid benchmarking of the role of our category in developing the turnover of our clients, hence allowing to determine the right leverages of action to trigger. One advantage of this research is that it can be very quickly turned into action and presented to the clients.

Thank you.

Stanislas de Maleissye, Category & Trade Marketing Director, General Mills, France Belgium Italy


The unique data and insight we receive from Shopper Tracker was vital in convincing Tesco to relist our products as we could effectively demonstrate the shopper impact of their decision. The relists have had a significant positive impact on the category and a clear return on our investment

Julian Cooke, Head of Category Management, Quorn Foods


We have used Shopper Tracker to reveal the reasons why we see the patterns in our more traditional EPOS and Panel data. Without it we would have never understood the impact of quality of a shopping experience. We knew a chronic lack of NPD & cooking inspiration were driving poor cross category buying but until we had Shopper Tracker we couldn’t prove this categorically without doing our own bespoke research. Shopper Tracker gave us the proof, not just at a category level but also for individual retailers. It’s pretty difficult to disagree with it!

Katy Ryan, Global Category Director, Adams Foods


Advantage Shopper Tracker is bringing us true added value, both in preparing our category plans and in preparing our customers action plans. The data helped us to turn as facts a number of perceptions we had, also to throw new light on the understanding of our categories. Reading at retailer’s level and the measure of differences allow to end up with concrete action plans and ensure a better adoption of the learnings internally and by our customers.

Sophie Neyertz-Ersham, Business Development Director France, L’Oréal Division Grand Public


The quality of your presentation and the messages delivered about the category have been most appreciated by the audience from our client [major retailer]. This presentation gives them reasons and rationales to push the category internally.

Sandrine Cuenot, Key Account Manager, Mars Chocolate France


This solution is of great interest by being very pragmatic and innovative, answering real market needs : benchmarking with standardized methodology, specific vision per retailer. It’s a very rich, expert solution, well designed and eventually pragmatic. The interface is a real advantage because modern and easy to work with. Our clients have started to show interest which is a good sign.

Manuel Lorimier, Customer Marketing Director, SCA France